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Introducing Kitril

Effective Communication, High Visibility, Great Publicity, and Healthy Workplace Communities!

Are you confident in your communication skills?  Do you need a solution to leverage your brand or business? Are you desiring to change the current climate of your workplace?  As a professional since 2004, I have collaborated with individuals/agencies across the globe; managed the communications, branding, PR/Publicity, membership, content creation, and social media promotions for national/international organizations; and formed meaningful, productive partnerships internationally. Therefore, I am equipped with the expertise and experience to get you where you need to go.  Get in touch so we can get started right away.

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About Me

A Passion for Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Communicators, Workers, & Workplaces

Since 2004, I have had experience with branding various businesses/endeavors- record label, TV show, podcast, YouTube Show, janitorial business, and consultancy.  Serving as my own publicist, I have secured 200+ features in a variety of media outlets.  Some of my more notable features include The Huffington Post, Reader's Digest, Thrive Global, MSN, Yahoo, Yahoo Finance, Redbook, Insider, Best Life, GOBankingRates, and Goalcast.  In addition, I have conducted over 1K speaking engagements in many venues, such as business seminars, educational conferences, company retreats, religious institutions, libraries, youth summits, etc. 

Within the last 18 months, I have provided my consulting services to national/international organizations (The TRUST Network, NAFCM, and BW4PC) in the areas of communication, PR/Publicity, branding, social media management, capacity building and content creation.

Most recently, I achieved a major milestone- reaching over 1M views on the popular platform Quora.  

With my proven, successful strategies, I am ready to assist you in enhancing your communications/messaging, gaining more exposure for your entity, increasing the visibility of your work, landing new opportunities for your brand, and/or creating a healthy, positive workplace environment for your company. 

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Major Features

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DaRil's Written Works/Interviews

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Brand Building Basics for Your Business

In this article, DaRil shares the 10 main concepts that are relevant for establishing a reputable, sustainable brand.

The Power of the PUB

In this feature, Damon explains how the letters P.U.B. can be utilized to form at least four powerful words that are essential to your branding, messaging, marketing/promotion, sales, clients, and expansion.

Voicing Your Vision

In this feature, Mr. Nailer covers the importance of having a vision and clearly communicating it.

Giving Feedback

This article gives information on how to provide constructive criticism/feedback in a positive manner.

The Effects of Micromanagement

This article features Damon as one of the experts who gives insight on the negative impacts of micromanagement.

Boosting Morale/Creating a Positive Workplace

In this interview with Dr. Jonathan Westover, Damon shares strategies on how to boost employees' morale and create a healthy workplace environment.

The Drop In CEO

This podcast features an interview between Deb Coviello and Damon.  They have a great conversation about discovering your gifts, obtaining clarity, the "sights" that accompany vision, and so much more.

Career Clarity

This podcast showcases a powerful conversation between Lisa Lewis Miller and Damon.  The topics range from pivoting, discovering your gifts, and most importantly, the meaning of the word "No".

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My Specializations

My diverse experience has allowed me to develop an extensive array of services that provide direction, inspiration, and education through communication. Browse the services listed below to learn more about my specialties, and get in touch with any questions.

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BBB Bootcamp

Build Your Brand In A Blink!

 It's the ultimate course for individuals or small groups who prefer a more personalized, hands-on approach.  BBB Bootcamp is facilitated by DaRil. It teaches and equips you to build your brand in a blink.  BBB Bootcamp covers the following concepts: The Definition and Components of a Brand, The Power of PR/publicity,  Tools for Selecting, Training, and Motivating Your Team,  The Secrets of Effective Communication/Networking, Keys to Establishing Your Platform, Methods for Aligning Your Vision/Message, and Strategies for Leveraging Your Brand to Gain Employment, Contracts, or Clients.  You can enroll in the 1 session, 2 session, 3 session, 4 session, or 8 session program. 


BBB Publicity Partnering

PR/Publicity Program

Do you need someone experienced and successful with PR/Publicity to help you establish your brand, secure interviews/publication features, gain high visibility, and attract new clients and opportunities?  If so, Kitril is here

for you.  We will create a specialized plan to help you achieve your branding and publicity goals.  You can enroll in the 1 month, 3-month, 6-month, or 1 year program.  

Includes the following:

1-1 Coaching

Training in the Branding, Building, & Balling Bootcamp

Drafting pitches for various media outlets

Pitching information for opportunities

Aligning your branding/messaging

Social media marketing

Image consulting

Leveraging your brand to secure employment/contracts 

Creating multiple products and services with your expertise Establishing yourself as an authority

Buildings Reflecting on Water

BBB Course

Dynamic, Instructional Course!

BBB is designed for creatives, entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, managers, etc. This course was derived from DaRil's experience with branding his various businesses/endeavors- record label, TV show, podcast, YouTube Show, Janitorial business, and consultancy.  BBB will help you to discover and uncover secrets for building your brand in a blink, keys to leveraging your platform, strategies for establishing and motivating your team, skills for articulating your vision, methods for expanding your network, and so much more.  You are sure to receive clarity concerning the various components of branding and actionable techniques one must utilize to create a successful, impactful brand.  Branding, Building, & Balling is composed of colorful, enlightening modules accompanied by quizzes.  As a bonus, included are the resources DaRil used for creating marketing tools, obtaining 200+ publication features/interviews, and drafting a perfect pitch.

Work Desk

Winning Workplace Workshops

Creating A Positive and Healthy Workplace Culture!

WWWs are awesome, interactive, engaging, and fun seminars that assist organizations and companies in creating safe, healthy, productive, and conducive workplace environments.  Because of Damon’s training and experience with Cultural Intuitiveness, he’s able to share effective strategies that will enable individuals to communicate and connect better with their clients, students, colleagues, and associates.  Winning Workplace Workshops cover personality, inclusivity, diversity, equitability, communication, leadership, company morale, customer service, and employee recognition. 

You can schedule a 1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour (half-day), 8 hour (full-day) session, 2 day, or 3 day session. 

A Man and a Woman working together

RilLife Academy Webinars

Invest in Your Personal Development!

This year, Damon "DaRil" Nailer is shouting, "Come go with me and grow with me."  Each month Mr. Nailer will be hosting webinars from 10:00 AM CST- 12:00 PM CST addressing the following: communication, personal development,  business/entrepreneurship, self-care, visualization, team building, branding, publicity, spirituality, and so much more.  

Here is a list of the names/dates of each webinar.  You can click on each to register or click on the tab below to see the full list.  

1. January 28th- Your Vision & Your Voice

2. February 25th- Networking Knowledge

3. March 25th- Hear Me; See Me; Feel Me- Communicating Effectively

4. April 22nd- Brand Building Basics

5. May 20th- Self-Care: Making Me Matter

6. June 24th-  Pitching Your Platform

7. July 29th- Operation Elevation

8. August 26th- G3 Journey: Discovery

9. September 30th- G3 Journey: Development

10 October 28th- The Divine Nine: Communication Gifts

11. November 18th- The Divine Nine: Manifestation/Perception Gifts

12. December 9th- Excellence in Eschatology: The 7 Trumpets, 7 Vials and The 8 Musts

We are offering 9-month, 6-month, and 3-month specials.  You can go here to see the details of each plan. 

Business/Organization Sponsorships- If you are a business or organization and you would like to obtain high visibility and promotions, we have a great deal for you.  You will get 48+ posts/month, 2 free tickets to the webinar(s), mentions during videos, and so much more.  Go here for the details.

A Man and a Woman looking at a Design

Communicate, Network, & Collaborate Course

Be Great As You Articulate, Successfully Expand Your Brand, and Consistently Land Win/Win Opportunities!

This is a life-changing course, offering powerful and insightful information concerning communication, vision, networking, collaborating, listening, public speaking, and much more.  It's composed of 3 videos: Voicing Your Vision, Networking Knowledge, and Spectacular Speaking, a quiz/answer key accompanying each video, the Communicate, Network, & Collaborate eBook, the Living, Loving, Leading eBook, and The Great Taste of Success eBook.  

CNC will boost your confidence, equip you with proven strategies for communicating in a variety of settings (one-to-one, small/large group, public/private), empower you to expand your brand, enable you to secure employment as an employee, and obtain more clients/customers as an entrepreneur/business owner.  

Ideal Audience/Customers:

  • Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

  • Sales Representatives

  • Authors/Writers

  • Speakers

  • Teachers

  • Parents

  • Coaches

  • Executives/Managers

  • Clergy

  • Mediators

  • Individuals looking to increase their confidence in speaking

  • People trying to enhance their ability to communicate more effectively

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